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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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mother brown's kitchen and it definitely fills a need we have >> supervisor thanks four e for your comments. we may agree to disagree where the location but the concerns can be 3450ig9d what a good discussion. one of the alternatives we looked at what far from any transportation so in the end we may agree to disagree. i'm committed to work with the community for the best services for the homeless folks >> mr. chair one last thing i have a stack of letters i want to call the public's attention to. this doesn't represent you-all all my concerns there are
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letters from constituents and i recognize them for engaging. mr. chair thank you >> supervisor mar anything else. >> in visiting next door i notice that some folks hang out on the south but there's not that many. i know there are a lot of former vets but what does staff do to make sure that they don't become a nuisance to other folks in the neighborhood >> we have either security or sometimes, it's staff that walk the perimeter of the facilities. when i go to polk you see a couple of folks outside smoking but we don't allow folks whether
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their sheltered or non-sheltered resident to loiter and congrats outside there's gary and polk street >> both of those two shelters have 3 hundred or 4 hundred people. >> i think there are 480 and a 380. >> so the star community home that's run by catholic community is smaller but it helps people to hopefully get back on their feet in an area that's normal listing for mothers and children but it's not good to chairs people far away. you try the best you can too make sure that the businesses and neighbors around is it are not obeying being negatively
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impacted >> that's true. >> okay. colleagues any questions. >> any other presentation? i have one but we can if there's niagara nothing to add move to public comment. >> i have a number of speaker cards i'll call them 5 at that time. everyone will have 2 minutes to speak (calling names) >> thank you supervisors. for having this hearing. public comment and some of the things that supervisor cowen
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said. number one i was the one that went to trent because our clients that sit up in chairs all night they sit up and watch tv with the lights on since we were fined for that. but their legs are swollen and their hearts are bidding bad they're dying in the street they're running to general hospital. i don't want all the political stuff to come about i looked at it in a compassion at form i saw the i people dying on the street in martin luther king park i think 6 people died in that park we i realized we had to do something. public comment and support we have petitions go out. there was 2 thousand people who supported having that shelter there.
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bayview their crime in bayview friendly liquor store is not in our area you can check with the police department. our staff has been robbed at gun point it wasn't by a homeless person crime happens in bayview it's not from the homeless community at all. i know my time is up. please support this. our folks in the shelter and drop in service need a place to rest. increase no crime there we're doing everything possibly to move people from homelessness to housing. it's a hard process for them and us. thank you >> thank you and again, if we could hold our applause. if there's any handicap or folks
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who need to come forward, please do. if we could have the next speaker please. no, no i'll call the names g but g if there's handicapped or elderly he folks who need to speak >> good morning. i live at the 5900 third street from martin luther king park. i'm going to talk about a little bit nobody has mentioned including supervisor cowen and - nobody has mentioned martin luther king pool and the park. the first mention was this woman here and there are homeless there all the time and kids that
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play in that park. i think adding one hundred more homeless people in that neighborhood is not a good idea for the children. i'm here as a concerned resident from the bayview neighborhood to ask the committee to strip the fund for the neighborhood before you. the bayview already carries more than it's share of the burn in helping the homeless and this homeless warehouse will be blocks from one of the only blocks and pun pool in the neighborhood. the bayview needs to attract gorgeous and not new poverty. we need a living wage for the people who live here. internal revenue a carpenter here for over 20 years oh, binge get the hook.
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i live in san francisco since 1999 and bought in the bayview because it's a great working-class neighborhood and has a diverse population, please don't help to sing this (clapping) >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm mary i'm a resident of bayview. i live here. i've been here for a little bit more than a year. i started hearing about the plans for this shelter in the early spring and right about that time we got an e-mail from supervisor cowen. saying that the shelter was going to be put on hold until the concerns and questions raised by many neighbors was addressed i thought the process
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was working well. but since then a few weeks ago i heard the plan is going forward. i don't know that any questions or concerns have been addressed. and so i guess my main question is about this issue since i'm new to the neighborhood is the question of progress. even though i didn't share some of the concerns i would obtain to this. there's an openness to dialog but i feel liquor every time i hear that i hear something about the dialog and it doesn't go anywhere. i want to ask the proposal not 0
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to go forward. thank you for listening >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is david i live in the city. my two businesses are both condemn companies. they employ 40 and are located from the proposed shelter. i'm supported by thirty other neighborhood businesses ploy people. awhile there are many objections i'll focus on 3 the city sense of the loan is probably illegal. it was not legal in hollywood to accept concern environmental projects. number 2 the financial irresponsible for the board to accept this loan it's certainly
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not able to go forward. number 3 the proposed location is no residential uses allowed. it's mixed housing and it's not okay. why locate a homeless shelter near commercial industry. we'll fight against this legally and administratively if we have to. please don't accept this loan. thank you and a >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> ail i'm sammy i'm a resident. my two objections to this legislative proposal is from the methodology the justification for creating a homeless shelter
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in the first place. they did a survey bans who appeared homeless it's a bunch of interviews who say who is homeless. i am speaking personally when i talk i walk through the attained i see a lot of antidoteal evidence on whatever people are homeless. this is in the an actual count that didn't take into account who looks homeless. the bayview neighborhood is historically the brunt of neglect and discretion and this whole lack of progress just is the disrespect to the community. i ask you not to approve that.
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i'll reiterate what supervisor cowen said their need to be a dialog. >> thank you. next speaker, please and as this next speaker come forward i'll call more names. >> ma'am, can you give me one second i'll call other speaker cards - (calling names) okay. thank you very much. >> i repeat good afternoon to the board members and everyone that assembled here. i'm elated i'll constitutional because i'm full of tears. it's hard to building to stand here to know this is mother brown's place is under attack.
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let me give you some history. in the tenderloin some years ago when feeding was not heard of all those churches. mothers brown's was feeding people on the street. that's how i met mother brown pr she had a station wagon. she said miss do i want something to eat and i said no that were she said my food is clean and fresh and hot. i said let me help you. that's where i met mother brown. it was later than never knowing one day i would walk up the stairs on germans street where the establishing the mother brown. i'm honored to say i'm there are
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purify i was sitting in a chair and save and secure i'm off the streets. i was mugged across the street i don't have an id. that wasn't in the jen's street or the bayview. i had my wallet taken i was sitting in the park but i want to say to you all. don't make the mistake because you're going to answer to god for this because mother brown's place all ear people and her personnel p there is honorable and nice people. they don't care what color you are they don't care about your background. i'm asking to make the right decision and god will bless i
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm steven henry. i was borden and raised in san francisco in the bayview district. i'm in support of the beds for a house do you say that? a numerous amount of reasons. one they support people and give them resources and help. two it's a nice location the lady was talking about all the crime did nobody mention it's right down the street from the police department. they have a clinic when was right up the street a couple of other treatment centers and a like the man said it's to save them money. 3 the man says he has a business around the corner not on the
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same side >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> this - these comments are imperial spontaneous i don't know. i was going to speak so i have nothing prepared. i'm a veteran and i'm one of the sectors homeless population that mother brown served. i was recruited to come out to be vice president of a start up company out in california because of my standing in 91 my industry by you developed leukemia.
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i became homeless and thank god i served envy country in the marine corp. and hope house took me in. those people over here they're the real thing people the real mccoy. i'm not the only one. there are hundreds of veterans who have been served by those folks and they have the integrity they help all of us everyday. the name is certainly appropriate. hope because that's what they've given me and all my co- he veterans. as a witness to the boyfriend i don't understand the arguments about i think that's a miss conception their treating this facility as if it was all in homeless people. that's not the case the homeless
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are there as the director said. the homeless are there. there on the steps and porches every night. there's hundreds of them. this can only bring order to a orderless situation. >> thank you. next speaker, please hello supervisor mar, farrell and avalos. i'm a homeowner. i just wanted to bring up some points in response to what the director of the agency mentioned in terms of the meetings that dusty held after the grant had already been approved. i think one concern i have is that the meeting times were not
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at a time as a worker was able to attend so they weren't held at that time, i think 5 or 6 when you're getting off at work i know in the past they've involved other communities at 7 or 8:00 p.m. that's my first challenge. as we know it's medicine after dedicate and you try to engage the community how much of a partnership can they be if they've binded united states to this grant. envy other concern we talk about the increase in homeless. i'm kurt's to know if there's been any further stoudz where the homeless are and how they get to and from i hypothesis
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sisters they come from other locations. i'm curious to know how many are vets and how many have mental ienls and if we can't partner with other organizations to address those. the homeless shelter is great but i feel like we're treating the symptoms not diagnosing the cause of what's causing those people to be homeless. i think there's something to be said about how we can have more affordable for folks. and if you're not - >> thank you, ma'am. >> it's a big challenge. that's my point >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning or rather good afternoon. i ask y
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i ask you reject this proposal not because the homeless don't need help it's very dauntly clear but you have to consider the fact that the community has not had the chance to be geemd. i've invested in bayview and live here and hope to live a long time in alive u bayview. yes. there's crime in bayview but it didn't have to be that way. i think we see a lot of momentum in approving this community but putting the homeless shelter there because it's convenient may not be the best thing i think that would be irresponsible to make a decision on the study numbers.
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if you look at the homeless population they're not there all the time they're sleeping in bayview because it's easy and not patrolled maybe as much arrest agent parts of the city. i think it might be easy but this may not be the best thing. please reject >> i'll call the next few speakers (calling names). >> i was talking about mother brown's & and the issues. there's a lot of police officers that speed one hundred miles per
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hour side police officers speed 80 mills to be intimidating to other folks on the streets on third street right in front of mother brown's. that shows that police officers are reckless and don't care about the community i think that most people know about that practice it's a form of intimidation and nobody should have firearms their bolted and assembled and put together. a lot of lock up facilities. the firearm has a spiritual force and energy force and so firearms are bolted designed in lots of facilities are put
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together nocturnal at night. nobody should have a firearm. and the police officer can use a butt of a firearm to hit somebody in the nose or ice and given the conflict that country has had since the beginning of time where police officers use firearms to intimidate people and to terrorize community. it's a real insult >> you did a good job. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> mr. chairman, may i i'm very disturbed not that i recall i don't get disturbed but i'm very disturbed at the political rhetoric coming from one of the
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speakers that's support you not to allow this proposal. i'm speaking in reference to the proposal. i live in bayview and i pastored a church about 10 or 15 blocks from this shelter. i knew mrs. brown personally. it's accurate but because of my timeframe i'll make a few points. now, one information that i received is there are more unsheltered homeless adults 1 thousand 2 hundred and 74 live in district 10 than any other part of the city. we're talking about one hundred let alone over one thousand people. and i just don't understand how,
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of course, the last statistic i read 40 percent of the bayview homeless made less than $20,000. and to not support this particular proposal would not be conducive for the city i know you, mr. farrell and mr. moore and mr. john avalos i believe you're a fair person and i believe you will vote and recommend to the board to approve this proposal. thank you, sir >> supervisor mar. >> i want to thank the reverend for being here reverend. >> could we get the other
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microphone that's not picked up on our audience. >> hi, i'm carla. i am - i'm going to read from this. myself and my family are bayview property owners i'm 28 san francisco resident i'm fully in support of the homeless population. i'm here to urge you to please strip the address from this proposed homeless shelter and to table the homeless shelter ordinance for the desperately he needed community review. the review should not be limited to quality of life impact reported real once that relate to the city blue color industrial area and the o k park
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which the city of san francisco has spent billions of dollars and we've spent thousands of volunteer hours to try to revisibility and the october '89 the meeting was a meeting of a few community leaders and the mayors to me e telling them they were going to move forward with the proposal it was not a meeting accepting them to say oh, we don't want this. there's been basically two community meetings and they were very has aly called. the mayor's office with the hope office was ignoring laws in place and ignoring the community outcry in favor - not in favor of this project. we is a community are grossly over served children shootings
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>> did you say over served. >> yes. we are over served with this crime and bayview. in regards we're suffering. like i said we're doing thousands of hours of volunteer work in garden to bringing in a homeless shelter in addition to all the other aid is adding to the strain on our community. if it was going into the presidio or the marina we're a beaten down neighborhood as you can see from the left and right everybody here didn't deny that. the police are over burdened and over worked there being a used to patrol all the areas plus the pa